Sex, dog grooming and eating pot noodles – we investigated the many uses of disabled toilets.


Today I investigated Tweets related to how people are using and abusing accessible (disabled) toilets (mostly public ones). You may be amazed, baffled or shocked – or if you are a disabled person you might be muttering ‘that doesn’t surprise me’.

Each one of them is a reason why every public toilet in the UK, for disabled people, should at least be locked with a RADAR key. As you are reading them, please consider the disabled children and adults who have to be changed on toilet floors, people like me who transfer from my wheelchair with bare feet, the many people who have to grab onto handrails and those with bladder and bowel issues who need immediate access to an accessible, clean toilet.

These tweets were taken from public Twitter feeds, mostly during the last week, under the search terms ‘disabled toilet’ and ‘accessible toilet’.


I use them … because I can.

These involve people using them just because they can. It is somewhat controversial whether people without impairments should be using disabled toilets. However, it does mean that a person with an impairment might have to wait – and that might be something their body does not allow, causing embarrassing continence problems with wetting or soiling clothes.

Some fake impairment to use the accessible toilets …



A place for sex, taking drugs …

Just when your thought urine and excrement on the floor was bad enough…. this comes into an entry different set of ‘yuck’ criteria.  It’s quite interesting, and somewhat amusing, considering the number of people using disabled toilets because they think they might be cleaner or to pop in for a quick ‘selfie’ photo (more on that later) ! Little do they know…..


Speaking of ‘Selfies’ …. this is the new craze of taking one inside an accessible toilet.

I have not included the version which involves a photo of someone using the toilet.


Dining out.

Who would have thought this was a place to picnic?


A comfier place to go?

Some people apparently enjoy the peace and comfort of accessible toilets … leg room, padded back rest anyone?


Grooming and dressing rooms.

What better place to dye your hair, change your clothes or enjoy being around 4 naked girls …


What about a place to hide in?


An finally … the weird and wonderful.


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