Review of the RADAR toilet key App


*For archive only as the App is no longer available *

This review looks at the RADAR App for iPhone and was tested on an iPhone 5.

The App enables users to locate and seek information on accessible (disabled) toilets that use the RADAR key to gain access – over 9000 in the UK.

The App was last updated in January 2012 and was initially £4.99. The current price is free – and for good reason because it is probably worth 10p.


Firstly, the App crashed three times. When I did get it to work I got it to find my current location and searched around my local town.

Little pins show the location of toilets and tapping them brings up the name of the road/toilet. All pretty standard map details for locating services.


A double tap takes you to the menu screen for that toilet. Here the most likely place to go is ‘facility information’.

If you were expecting pictures of the toilet or a description of what you will find inside … close the App, mutter how useless it is and delete it from your device.


I was unable to find any toilet where this data was filled in. You can fill it in yourself but what is the point?

My town has changing places toilets which use the key – and although around at the time the App was developed, do not appear.

In fact, many reviewers complain that
the most accessible toilets they use regularly, aren’t listed.

I tried to get directions from the menu and the App crashed, then the second time it froze and I had to delete it.


Whilst some toilets are listed, the available facilities or layout details within the toilet are not. The App crashes and freezes all the time.

I give it 0/10


  1. “The RADAR Key Company have a free android phone app which shows Changing Places, Spaces to Change and other public facilities that have hoists etc. It shows where and how aspects fall short of the Changing Places standard, so disabled people can find a suitable toilet. A new updated version is being launched imminently on Apple, Windows, Android and as a website with extra features.” [Sent by Tom Gordon, From RADAR Key Sales Dept].

  2. Anonymous says:

    well it’s May 10th, and I have yet to find any evidence of the existence of this app or the NKS guide listing the radar toilets (not the rip off region lists, 21 regions @ £3.50 each=£73.50).

    1. The App was discontinued (it was very poor quality) and yes it costs £73.50 for the region lists. Very unreasonable and we’ll be updating our blog with the new information very soon.

  3. Tom Gordon says:

    The app is being rebuilt, improved and relaunched in 2016 along with the one which shows Changing Places toilets. They are free.

    1. That’s great news 🙂

      1. Tom Gordon says:

        The Changing Places guide is fully operational on Apple, Android and as a website (go to
        It is constantly being improved and updated, but is complete, accurate and easy to use. Where they exist, it also provides links from each toilet page to the relevant pages on other (inferior) Changing Places guides.
        The website uses the same data but has added functionality over the phone apps, where the larger monitor, a mouse, faster processing and speed of connectivity makes this practical.
        The accessible toilet guide will take longer to produce but we will let you know when it is ready.

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