Be our guest … blogger.

One of the core aims of this project is to encourage people to share their experiences of accessible toilets. We also encourage companies and professionals to share with us specialised product information or insights that might address common difficulties.

Find out more below about becoming a guest blogger for the project, below.

You can give your name or remain anonymous. Unfortunately I can’t pay guest bloggers as the project is run on zero funds!

To contribute e-mail: or contact me via Facebook or Twitter.

I’d like to share my personal experience as a disabled person, carer/PA or parent carer.

IMG_5290We love to have guest bloggers – because you never know who might be reading!  Readers might be inspired to make a difference and provided better facilities – or feel they aren’t alone with having that problem. Readers might find out about a new way to solve a problem or want to get involved with local campaigning.

So, if you have a story to share let us know. Click on ‘Stories’ in the menu to see what other people have contributed.

Some things you should know.

  • Stories must be personal to you and can include links to video, audio or photographs to highlight your experience.
  • No payment is available for articles – we are a project running on zero funds.
  • Stories should be 300 words or less and you can choose to be anonymous or provide your name, photo or a short biography.
  • The story must not have been published anywhere before and be exclusive to us, as part of the project, for 1 month. We want fresh new stories to share to keep readers interested and engaged. Your story may have been told before, using different words or pictures.
  • We send you a copy to approve before it is published.
  • After a month, you can re-blog or publish the story for your own purposes providing no content is added/removed/altered and the credit reads with the name of the writer and a statement of involvement in the World of Accessible Toilet Project. You can add text after or before re-printing the article. Here is an example of a caption/source:  [Source: Written by {anonymous} for the World of Accessible Toilets Project {date written} ]
  • Please be aware that for people unable to consent to their photo being used, you will be responsible for consenting on their behalf. Please see our safeguarding policy about photo submission. 
  • Your blog will be shared across the internet including Facebook and Twitter.

I’d like to share information about my product / business

AquariusWe’d love to hear about specific, innovative products that might promote dignity and inclusion for disabled people within the areas of accessing the toilet, personal hygiene, continence etc. Click on ‘Information’ in the menu to see what other people have contributed.

  • No charge – this project is run by volunteers and our ‘contributors’ are all part of the project! You would be a volunteer contributor.
  • Stories can include links to video, audio or send us photographs to highlight your product.
  • Stories should be 300 words or less, provide a company logo, product picture and short company biography (3-4 sentences for example).
  • Tell us why your product is unique, what sort of people might benefit and how people can get more information. 
  • We will let you know which week your information will come out (or ask us if a particular week is free if you need a specific promotional time)
  • We love exclusives and sneak peaks – so if you have a great product to reveal, do consider us! We also love to review products for readers – so let us know if this interests you.