Safeguarding – project statement

This project understands the essential work of people who participate in this project (and other campaigns), to raise awareness of the need for fully accessible toilets at home, work and in our community.

Whilst we support initiatives and promote campaigns such as those for Changing Places and Space to Change toilets, we feel the need to balance this with the rights of disabled adults and children.

To safeguard disabled adults and children, and maintain their rights and dignity, where consent can not be established, this project will not:

  • Share on Facebook or
  • Retweet or promote, via Twitter
  • Or use in any correspondence or publication 

anything that contains (or links to) photographs or videos of adults or children who are on the toilet/using the toilet, having incontinence pads changed or undressed and wearing incontinence pads or equivalent. 

  • Promote any campaign which might have a damaging affect on the rights, dignity or equality of disabled  people of all ages.

We have several messages daily asking for our support in dispersing images across social media and wish for your understanding that the rights of children and disabled adults must come before any campaign opportunity.

Thank you.