I remember when… “it’s not far to fall”

There was this one time when I was at work an hour and a bit away form home,  and assured my meeting room had 1 accessible loo. On arrival I saw a sign ‘out of order’ I enquired and was dismayed at having to stay there for many hours with no loo to use!

A maintenance guy came back and said oh don’t worry, it’s just that the seat wobbles as it’s broke (giving me a demo of a very wobbly, broken, seat that was totally unsafe).

Considering I have no balance at the best of times I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to cross my legs. He then said something like ‘it’s not that far to fall anyway… I’m sure it will be ok’.   Eh hmmm. Guess I’ll be wetting myself then…


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  1. AnneMarie says:

    Lol, I love how when our indispensable equipment goes on the fritz, the uneducated normals have a complete blank lack of forethought that it might seriously impact us. Lift out of order, I see you’re in a wheelchair but you can walk up those few (13) stairs; oh the loo is broke, you don’t need to pee you’ve got hollow legs right? You can squeeze into that parking space, you levitate into your wheelchair, righ? I could go on, the blindingly obvious often goes unthought of.

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