Hoist petition – don’t forget the loo!

This is the bathroom in the last Premier Inn in Lincoln (above) that I stayed in last year. The design is the newest room module with a bathroom large enough for a portable hoist or over toilet chair. Most older modules have no hoist space.

The bedroom had two single beds and hoist space. Sounds great …. only some travelers would find it easier to not have to carry around / pack a large hoist or toilet chair.

The Ceiling Hoist User Club has a list of hotels in the UK with hoists but they are few and far between.

This Petition to Premier Inn and others is ten months old but the issues are still relevant and worth signing.

What about the toilet?

However, consideration would be needed because current module room layouts would generally not enable a ceiling hoist to access the toilet (and not all travellers want to, or can, take a toilet chair or commode).

If you need a hoist in the bedroom then you will need it in the bathroom too. 

Holiday Inn have some ceiling hoists over the bed … but not over the toilet. No use to people like me.

In the hotel entrance/restaurant or business meeting areas … guess what, no hoist over the loo.

I have MD and peer support events are held at these hotel chains … only I can’t go because of no hoist to use the toilet.

Other considerations 

In rooms,  profiling beds may be required for those who can not get into a hoist sling laying down. 

Access needs to be built in from the start to enable the most people to benefit. 

Isn’t it time for Premier Inn, Travel Lodge and Holiday Inn to develop new types of rooms and guest toilets, accessible to all and to higher access standards? 


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