World Toilet Day Campaign – I Pee and Poo Too


In the run up to World Toilet Day on November 19th get involved with our #IP2 Campaign.

We all have to Pee and Poo – so why do so many places including major tourist attractions, shopping centres, recreation facilities, pubs and hotels refuse to ensure fully accessible toilets are provided?

It’s 2014 and many thousands of disabled people in the UK (including older people) are still unable to leave the house due to lack of accessible toilets. Many can’t even access the bathroom in their own homes. This hugely affects their dignity and independence. It affects their family life and personal relationships.

Make a statement – I Pee Too

On Twitter and Facebook

Join in by sharing a photo of an accessible toilet or place where you couldn’t use the loo. Briefly tell us what made it good or bad and end with the hashtag #IP2 and #WorldToiletDay

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