App review: Wheelmate toilet finder

Wheelmate is an App to locate toilets and parking.


Overall, the content is limited because it is based on public entering/completing entries.

I searched for toilets in the UK using my iPhone5. Whilst it located some toilets, I could find none which were confirmed as actually existing!

You are invited to declare there is no accessible toilet, or confirm it exists. Alternatively you can add an entry. However, be warned, if you enter the wrong data you can’t change it back. I accidentally said a toilet didn’t exist when it does. This makes the data very unreliable.

You have the option to give the toilet a thumbs up or thumbs down … But it is not clear what this means. There is an option to write a comment.


Perhaps the most frustrating aspect is searching for a toilet, seeing a map of them, selecting one … then pressing back and finding it takes you to your current location to search again.

Some people have even entered their own home toilet.


The other features are to save favourite locations, view toilets or parking as a list and mark them as free to use or not.

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