Guest bloggers and reviewers needed

Would you like to write a short article for this blog?

I am looking for more guest contributors who would like to write an article on one of the following:

  • A review of accessible/disabled toilet facilities in a specific public venue
  • Review of an App related to toilets/hygiene
  • Your stories about accessing toilets on holiday both within and outside the UK.
  • A review of products or equipment related to toilet or hygiene requirements from the perspective of a disabled person or carer.
  • A personal story on…. you guessed it, toilets/access/using or buying products or even campaigns for improving accessible toilet facilities or awareness of continence/bladder/bowel/menstruation management?

Why…. because

  • it’s likely to be useful for so many people e.g. disabled people, carers, healthcare professionals and specialists, product manufacturers …. and the general public.
  • we need to improve and share knowledge and information about the toilet requirements of people in the UK

You can write under your own name, anonymously, on behalf of a charity or organisation … whichever you prefer.

Please contact me, Louise, at with your ideas/articles.

Thank you.

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