Lazarus Mobility / Collins Mobility warning to customers

Criptic Thoughts

Summary: This is a warning for potential customers of Lazarus Mobility now trading as Collins Mobility and online as The company is based in West Yorkshire, UK.

Mr Collins, who runs the company, said he could supply us with a product (Biobidet). The product shipped was not the product ordered (different make  – Blooming Bidet). It was returned in the same packaging, immediately, on the promise of a full refund.  It has taken many phone calls, letters and e-mails to get Mr Collins to pay us even a partial refund and he has not responded to a small claim court to recover the money owing (over £300).

Customer Service has been appalling and it is our opinion that Mr Collin’s attitude of  “I do it because I want to help people (having an impairment himself) ” is not enough to run a business appropriately and within the law.


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