To Lock – or not to Lock – my answer?

Criptic Thoughts

To Lock – or not to Lock – that is the question? – Accessible Outlook.

Here are my personal thoughts on whether accessible (disabled) toilets should be locked with RADAR keys.

You may recall a previous blog about my unbelievable experience of the (not locked) accessible toilet at a service station being used a dressing room by a wedding party [update and again here at Premier Inn]!

I need super accessible toilets which are unisex and large enough to transfer to the toilet from 90 degrees. Accessible toilets are scarce and hard to locate in the configuration I need at the best of times as the layout and space inside them varies.

I also have to transfer in bare feet and grab onto rails. I need a toilet that is cleaner than most, hasn’t been used to deal drugs in and isn’t soaked in pee and poop or…

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