Disabled people need better toilet facilities

Criptic Thoughts

Did you know there are 221 public toilets (provided by councils) in Kent (plus thousands of other places to use the toilet outside your home like businesses, cafes, shops, pubs,  tourist venues, service stations, ports, railways, airports, leisure complexes, retail outlets, supermarkets, parks and gardens, libraries….. bushes if you’re desperate…  you get the idea).

Here are all the council public toilets (in roughly mapped out council areas).

Public toilets in Kent

Now, for people with profound learning disabilities, brain injury, spinal injury, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, motor neurone disease… the picture is quite different.

If, you can not stand to take your weight or push up with your hands to transfer from, say, your wheelchair to the toilet,  the only way to get onto the toilet is using a hoist (or perhaps laying down on a changing bench to change pads/clothing).

If you go out with a carer or assistant, they may not be allowed…

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